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10-ft-principlesECO Collection is an importer of Fair Trade products since 2011. All products from ECO Collection are certified by the WFTO. Director Stefan Nijsen has been working already for years to increase the diversity of Fair Trade products. Fair Trade products are mostly known for their coffee and bananas, but there is so much more just as ECO Collection shows to the world.

Unknown is that furniture, for example, but also glass and ceramic tableware in beautiful design also can be Fair Trade. Our slogan is: “Fair Trade should be quite normal as long as the collection is special.” In 2012 ECO Collection already had textile such as towels and duvet covers which are Fair Trade (Max Havelaar) and 100% organic (GOTS) which is a unique and rare combination.

Stefan Nijsen has many years of experience as an importer and has his network in various countries such as India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand with several producers whom he has built a long and lasting relationship.

All products carry the ECO Collection WFTO label so that the origin of the products and the production process can be shared with you. So you know what you are buying! For more information on Fair Trade, you can visit the website www.wfto.com.

WFTO label

wfto-label-eco-collectionEverything ECO Collection sells is certified by the WFTO. This is a unique achievement within the sector. Furthermore, ECO Collection obtained certificates of Max Havelaar (Fair Trade) and GOTS.

Due to these certificates, ECO Collection got recognition with the LVWW, which is the Dutch association of Wereldwinkels that sells sustainable products from all cultures in the world. Besides, ECO Collection collaborated greatly with the CBI (centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries) in the field of social responsibility in India, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ECO Design

“Fair Trade should be quite normal, as long as the collection is special”

Eco Collection LogoWe present the collection of ECO Design: a Fair Trade collection inspired by the soothing Scandinavian spheres, designed by the best designers from Denmark and made by skilled craftsmen in Thailand. This complete collection is produced under the Fair Trade conditions. A collection that meets modern design with a sense of Scandinavian design so that it blends with what you already have in your home. From soft cushions with beautiful patterns, to wooden trays, leather accessories to contemporary lighting. A Fair Trade designer brands how cool is that. We are one of 80 companies at this moment who is Guaranteed Member of WFTO and that is an achievement where we are proud at and what we want to convey.

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