In Thailand we have 8 partners who make a great collection of products for us since 2015. This collection we call ECO Design. These products are based on Scandinavian design and include beautiful utensils such as cutting boards, tapas and cheese boards, glass, ceramic tableware, pillows, marble, and metal bowls and vases.

We think it is extremely important that all our suppliers work according to the WFTO rules. Therefore, audits at the suppliers were conducted, and approved in May 2016. There were a few minor non conformities but they were taken into a plan of action with the supplier and ECO Collection itself. The company also believes sustainability, especially on the social and environmental area, is important. Therefore we hired a special agency (Research and Consultancy office IVAM, Understanding Sustainability) to check our suppliers on these areas. These audits were conducted and approved in May 2016.

Wood workplace

Our partner is located in the South of Bangkok. The cooperation with the supplier is fruitful and instensive. They have approximately 20 employees consisting of about 60% women and 40% men. The men are hired for the more labour intensive work, where women do the more sophisticated and detailed duties. The supplier has modern equipment to carry out the woodworking, as the quality of the products is of a high standard. The employees are getting trained and educated, which makes employee commitment and involvement high. All necessary protective equipment is free of charge for the employees. Furthermore, there is enough time for leisure and relaxation in the wood factory in order to decrease the work tension.

Because we work a lot with “Rubberwood” – this is the wood from the rubber tree – we have hired a special agency, Research and Consultancy IVAM, Understanding Sustainability, in May 2016 to investigate and check the durability of the particular wood.
The study was positive which means that the wood is extracted locally in a sustainable way. This of course is good that it is confirmed for us as importer.


Our partner that produces the marble is located about 250 km South-East of Bangkok and is a proud family business. The manufacturer still produces its marble in a traditional way. They have about 15 people working, both highly skilled men and women.

First, marble stones are cut into pieces, after which they craft the most beautiful handmade end-products with more traditional handtools. Marble production as crafted here is very labour intensive, which of course has its charms.


Our partner that makes the ceramic is located approximately 200 km east of Bangkok. This manufacturer produces ceramics from clay which is purchased from local suppliers.
The whole process from clay to finished product is performed in various processes in a factory where approximately 200 people are working. More women than men work at the ceramics factory, since the craftsmanship of ceramics is a very secure job. It is quite labour intensive since lots of the processes are performed by hand.


Our partner who is producing the glass is located approximately 150 km East of Bangkok. They produce glass manually, blown by mouth, so this is a great specialised work. They have a total of approximately 60 employees. The owner treats his personell very well by giving extra free time and taking lots of care of them. Most people have been working there for a long time now, which is the result from the treatment of the employer.


Our partner who makes the cushions is located approximately 150 km North-East of Bangkok. They have approximately 200 employees. Most of the production processes are handmade duties. The printing is done by another supplier because this requires special equipment. All employees have a good working environment and sufficient natural light and a fan for example. Also here are more women working than men because working needs to be very secure.