ECO Collection


ECO Collection is an importer of Fair Trade products since 2011. All products from ECO Collection are certified by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). Director Stefan Nijsen has been working already for years to increase the diversity of Fair Trade products. Fair Trade of course is known for its coffee and bananas and many decorative objects.

Unknown is that furniture, for example, but also glass and ceramic tableware in beautiful design also can be Fair Trade. Our slogan is: “Fair Trade should be quite normal as long as the collection is special.” In 2012 ECO Collection already had textile such as towels and duvet covers which were Fair Trade (Max Havelaar) and 100% organic textile (GOTS) which is a unique and rare combination.
Stefan Nijsen has many years of experience as an importer and has his network in various countries such as India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand with several producers with whom he has built a long and good relationship.

All products carry the Eco Collection WFTO label so that the origin of the products and the production process can be shared with you. So you know what you are buying! For more information on Fair Trade, you can visit the website

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