ECO Design

ECO Collection imports a beautiful Thai collection of wood, ceramics, glass, decorative pillows, and metal named ECO Design. This collection is inspired on the Scandinavian interior design: simple shapes, tranquil colour pastel and a combination of raw materials. Designer Julie Thaysen combines wood, leather, glass and natural stones crafting utilitarian products. The wood mill in Thailand is Fair Trade certified. ECO Collection supports the mill, the production process, and helps increasing the use of sustainable resources.

In the Clouds

In Thailand the rubber tree gives latex which is used for the production of rubber. However after a period of time the tree does not produce latex anymore and the tree will be cut. Is that regrettable? Not at all the wood from the tree is perfect for all kind of beautiful cutting boards or candleholders.
Frans Hegge* designed the collection “In The Clouds” and gave the rubber tree a second life.
Industrial Designer Frans Hegge was born in the Netherlands and graduated cum laude at the Dutch Design Academy in 1994.

He started his career as a freelance designer in Belgium and established his own industrial design studio in 1999. Together with his team he operates in more than 10 branches and he has been awarded internationally due to his unique approach, one that is greatly appreciated by a wide range of clients in over 10 countries.
Besides his work as an Industrial Designer, Frans Hegge also advises industrial companies in design management and for over 7 years he lectured at the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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